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About JFR Beach Rentals

The property management division of our company has been serving investment owners for over 20 years. We currently manage over 1000 properties in Georgia and Florida! Our team has proven to be very successful
at securing quality tenants, while maximizing the value of the owner's assets. My entire family has been in the real estate business for almost 30 years. We have survived and thrived by providing the highest standard of service for people buying and selling real estate. For our condo owners, we know that they purchased with either an investment strategy or a desire to have a second home that could potentially make some money. As a condo owner myself, I certainly understand both of those philosophies. That is why we focus our energy on providing professional management services at an affordable price.

Here are the hi lights of the services that we provide:
  • Complete income and expense reports for each property.
  • Monthly property reports.
  • You Tube video for each condo.
  • Maximum web exposure on the 24 most popular search engines.
  • All of our condos are posted on
  • Condos are posted on over 100 different websites
  • Interior pictures of each condo are posted to our website.
  • 20% Management fee on vacation rentals.
  • 15% Management fee on long term rentals (anything over 30 days)
We have found that our owners appreciate the fact that we have a video and interior pictures of
their property on our website. This gives potential guests the opportunity to review our available
inventory and pick the condo that looks the best to them. This eliminates subjective ranking
systems, and rotation systems that often leave owners wandering why their condo is sitting empty.

We price our condos based on market competition. We are continuously checking the websites of
competitors as well as vrbo to make sure that we are competitively priced, because in this market
consumers go where the deals are. If a management company fails to stay on top of the market,
they end up with a lot of empty condos. We believe that it is our job to make sure that condos stay
rented! Please take a look at the next few pages to get an idea of how we promote our condos!
Once again, we welcome the opportunity to discuss in more detail the ways that our management
team can serve you. If you have any questions, please give me a call.


Jason Free

JFR Beach Rentals
[email protected]